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Cahppes Barbmoloddi aka Loddi

Loddi headshot

Loddi was born on September 20, 2004. She is my first lappie, arriving in California on December 16, 2004. Many breeders follow the practice of giving their lappies Samic names in honor of the Sampi people of Lappland. Barbmoloddi is Samic for migrating bird - an appropriate name for a little pup who has traveled so far to her new home in California.

General Appearance: Loddi is a very compact, sturdy little girl with good angulation and movement. She has a lush black coat with brownish hues (bronzing) and smiling, expressive medium brown eyes. Like her grandmother, Stråhles Zandra, she has put on her "white lipstick" as she has gotten older. Her bearlike appearance has delighted many a child. She has earned her champion with ARBA, UKC and an international championship with IABCA.

Temperament: Loddi is a very independent and strong willed little girl. She is also very loving and responsive (when it suits her.. ;)). Loddi is eager, alert, bright and extremely curious. She has abundant energy and enjoys our frequent romps at the dog park. Loddi is always game for new experiences. She is also quite the watch dog and hunter.

Activities: Besides conformation shows, Loddi has explored herding (received her HCT), had a few agility lessons and even was part of a sled team for urban sledding. She has also started training in "nosework" Like most lappies, she is versatile and enjoys a variety of canine activities.

Loddi's hips are rated good, elbows normal and eyes PRA affected.


Stråhles Illu Anna aka Anna

AnnaAnna was born on December 27, 2007. In July of 2008, she became the second lappie to arrive in California. Anna's name honors both her Samic history and her breeder. Illu is Samic for joyous and Anna is in recognition of her breeder, Anna-Lisa Åhmark. Anna and I shared the plane ride home from Sweden although I think I had the better seat. At seven months old she was unable to ride in cabin. This is a tough, long journey for pups and she came through with flying colors.

General Appearance: Anna is a beautiful young lady with a lush, thick coat and very dark smiling eyes. She has reached her height and will fill out as she morphs into a mature adult lappie. Anna is both graceful and powerful in her movements and loves to stretch out in a full run at the park.

Temperament: One word here.... JOYOUS! She is completely joyful, true to her name. Her whole body smiles and wiggles along with her wound up tail. She is full of energy and extremely curious, noticing everything around her. Anna is a thinker and appears at times to be pondering the world and all activities around her. She is very eager to please and joins me in any activities I am engaged in around the house. And, oh yes.... she is a master at guarding the homestead. Nothing (and I mean nothing...!) happens around my home without Anna letting me know.

Activities: Anna has already participated in non-pointed shows (due to her young age) in Sweden. Feedback has been very positive from the judges and she has received four HPs - a designation indicating a puppy with promise. Since arriving in the states, she has earned her championships with both ARBA and UKC.

Anna's hips are rated excellent, elbows normal and eyes PRA free.


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