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Claryhill California

About Claryhill

There are actually two Claryhills dedicated to Swedish Lapphunds in the world. The original Claryhill in Sweden and the other, pictured here, in northern California.

Claryhill California is a work in progress. The story began in 1995 when I was adopted by a stray puppy wandering in the neighborhood who was starving, exhausted and very sick. She chose to live with me and little did I know a journey was about to begin. This sickly little two month old pup blossomed into a beautiful coal black girl named Sophie.

I was curious as to what breed(s) she might be. The vet suggested chow/shepherd mix but I didn't think this quite fit with her build and temperament. After exploring many breed books I was convinced I had found it... she was a Swedish Lapphund!! She looked so much like the photos I found and her temperament was quite 'lappie' from what I read. I certainly had never heard of this breed before - how strange one would be wandering in my neighborhood.

Loddi and SophieI was unable to find anyone with info here in the states so I contacted several breeders in Sweden. Well, to make a long story short, I soon realized that Sophie was not a Swedish Lapphund although I will always consider her my first "lappie". In 2000 I traveled to Sweden to meet with breeders and experience lappie energy up close and personal. After this trip it was a done deal... I decided to bring a lappie into my home and on December 16, 2004 Cahppes Barbmoloddi, aka Loddi, arrived in San Francisco.

Loddi and Sophie

Perhaps you can relate to this story. Over the years I have been contacted by many folks who, like myself, were surprised to find themselves with what they believed to be a Swedish Lapphund. Who is to say for sure? These pups can't speak and no genetic breed marker is available for the breed. Given the very small numbers of lappies in the states (literally a handful at present) I think it is very unlikely that stray Swedish Lapphunds are wandering about. My thoughts now on Sophie? She is a chow "something" mix and my very first Swedish Lapphund.. ;).

How did Claryhill California get it's name? When I was thinking of names for the line of Swedish Lappies I hoped to introduce into the United States I asked one of my mentors, Anna-Lisa Åhmark for her thoughts on this. She knew of my great respect for Clary Stråhles and suggested I use Claryhill, the name of Clary's Kennel in Österfarnebo, Sweden.

I owe special thanks to so many breeders in Sweden who have generously given me time and shared their knowledge of the breed. In particular, I would like to express my deep gratitude to:

Jane Åhmark-Vikman -Jane, her husband Tomas and daughter Astrid, were my first major links to the lappie community. Jane and I shared many Jane and AnnaTomas and AnnaAstrid and Annaemails about the breed prior to my first trip over. A co-owner of Stråhles Kennel with her mother Anna-Lisa Åhmark, she was tireless in answering the MANY questions I had about the breed and it's history. It was through Jane that I connected with Anci and Henrik Emanuelsson of Cahppes Kennel, the breeders of my first lappie, Loddi. Both she and her family continue to mentor and support my efforts and over the years have become family to me.

Anci and HenrikAnci and Henrik Emanuelsson - When I was ready to bring my first lappie home Jane introduced me to Anci and Henrik of Cahppes Kennel. We exchanged many emails getting acquainted and exploring the possibility of my importing one of their pups. Finally the day arrived and Loddi came home in December of 2004. Anci and Henrik have been very patient with my many questions about the breed and they continue to be invaluable mentors and friends on this journey.


Anna-Lisa and AnnaAnna-Lisa Åhmark - Anna-Lisa worked for many years with Clary and upon Clary's death she, along with her daughter Jane, continued the Stråhles line. During my first trip to Sweden I met Anna-Lisa at Claryhill were she now lives. Sitting in Clary's kitchen, hearing stories of Clary's early efforts from someone who knew her so well and being surrounded by Stråhles lappies was magical! Before long I was on the floor playing in a sea of lappies and getting more than my share of lappie kisses and hugs. Little did I know I was being interviewed as to whether I was right for the breed... ;). Thank heavens I passed! Anna-Lisa continues to be a valued mentor and friend. She is the breeder of my second lappie, Stråhles Illu Anna.


And Countless Others - Over the years I have met so many incredible breeders and folks involved with Swedish lappies. Their commitment to this national breed of Sweden has been inspiring. For a list of these folks. check my links page. I am grateful to each and every one of you - for your time, your friendship, your valuable knowledge of the breed and your efforts on behalf of the Swedish Lapphund! I am pleased to be a member of this special community!


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